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Tour is over!

FPTOUR_FISH_POLICE_POSTERSSo it’s been over two weeks since the tour finished… it was such an amazing adventure, getting to travel all over the country watching The Fish Police make people dance wherever they played. Getting to see them play with a massively diverse range of bands to massively diverse audiences really underlined how good they are, fitting in with each bill but also standing out and showing people how it’s done! A huge, huge thanks to everyone involved in making it happen, especially Dean, Matt, Charles & Drew from The Fish Police and Ben, Hannah & Felipe the ‘road crew’ who made it so much fun.

There is a tour diary of sorts that I kept up on the tour’s Facebook page. You can see some of the terrible photos I took of the gigs and our breakfasts each day!

Lilly and Cherry from Heart N Soul came to the London & Brighton gigs and made a radio documentary about their experiences there. With interviews with the bands, the audiences and even myself. I think it turned out great & is definitely worth a listen, which you can do right here.

Also, Felipe who was filming on tour with us put together a short trailer for a film he’s started making about the band, check that out here –

If you have any photos or stories or feedback about any of the gigs then please do get in touch as we’d love to see and hear them.

One last thing is that The Positive Press, who printed up the amazing A2 screen-printed tour posters we had on sale with us, have got the last few remaining prints and are selling them in their shop. You can grab one for only £10!