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The Fish Police Tour Evaluation

cf_074We submitted the evaluation for The Fish Police UK Tour to the Arts Council over the weekend and are very excited to now share it with everyone.

Again working in conjunction with the brilliant Olgeta Projects, this time around we were able to work together throughout the project to create the final evaluation. We could talk through expectations and predictions of what we thought would happen during the nascent stages of the project and then compare these with how it all turned out in the end, which has turned out to be a very enlightening experience! I will say again, Olgeta Projects have managed to help elevate the underlying ideas and concepts behind taking a band out on a DIY tour to something far beyond what I even imagined. The idea is that by sharing this information it might give people more tools themselves to make things like this happen. Read the evaluation and help make something happen, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

With massive thanks to Bryony and Olgeta Projects, Mat Dale and Owen Richards for their photos, everyone that sent in their feedback, quotes and experiences, Heart N Soul for their trust and support and of course The Fish Police for being amazing.

The Fish Police Tour Evaluation

Some of the feedback we received is below…


It would be easy to say my involvement in the Fish Police’s London show was rewarding or fulfilling but really that doesn’t do justice to how fun the show was and misses the point. The Fish Police are one of the most entertaining and inspiring bands I’ve had the fortune of promoting throughout my ten year career and the integrated show and audience transcended expectations. Hats off to Constant Flux for having the vision to push this idea up the hill to where it belongs!

–       Chris Tipton (Upset The Rhythm – London promoter)


“When Ravioli Me Away were asked to play a gig with The Fish Police, we checked them out and were very excited by their music, but then actually seeing them live was inspirational! The atmosphere in the room was buzzing with enthusiasm and good feelings. We’ve been listening to The Fish Police record LOADS ever since. Really pleased we were thought of to be put on the same bill.”

–       Alice Theobald (Ravioli Me Away, played London)


“Thanks again for inviting us to support The Fish Police last night. The Stars Band had an awesome time, and myself, Moony and Chris all came away buzzing, really inspired by both The Fish Police and the gig itself – as Moony said this morning, ‘it reminds you that another world is possible…’”

–       Mia Ali (Business Manager, Under the Stars)


I had a blast playing with Fish Police in Sunderland. As somebody who works for a disabled people’s organisation, I was particularly impressed with how the meticulous planning and support arrangements blended into the background. Indeed, this was only apparent on later reflection, as during the night itself I was immersed entirely in the occasion. To engage as musical peers with people with different life experiences, away from the dynamics of service provision and receipt, was truly enriching for me and my bandmates. We talked about the idea of me remixing one of their tracks, so hopefully we will cross paths again soon. I hope they remember us when they hit the big time!

–       Jospeph Alderdice (Big Wow, played Sunderland)


“This movement with Constant Flux is a major step in putting learning disabled artists out in to the mainstream to be acknowledged and respected as any non-learning disabled artist. I’ve had the honour of performing with Zombie Crash as a co-starring act to Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät on the first tour, as well as performing with Beat Express as a supporting act to The Fish Police on their last stop of their tour. Anything gig I’ve performed at under Constant Flux has been spectacular as we’ve won the crowds over like those who watched us within the learning disabled community.

The last show of The Fish Police’s tour in particular was a great example. I believe it was one of our finest of the year, along with the setting of The Fish Police being the headliners. They’ve come a long way as an established band at Heart n Soul, and they were just right to put forward into the spotlight for this kind of adventure. Their time came in due time. The fact that non-learning disabled artists and members of production crews have taken more of a liking to people like us means promising expectations for the future of learning disabled musicians.”

–       Ryan O’Donovan (Beat Express, played Brighton)


“Thanks for the show last night it was totally awesome , something I will always remember! You are more than welcome anytime.”

–       Mark Robinson (owner at The Macbeth) 


“It was a pleasure to be part of the tour, in some small way. The whole night was really positively received by all who attended and played and I was particularly encouraged by how eager people were to interact with each other afterwards, entering into a dialogue about their different experiences of music and touring, as peers. I hope that this can be the start of something exciting for the DIY indie community in the UK. But wouldn’t it be great if we could refer to it as the norm?”

–       Dan Shannon (promoter in Sunderland)


“I found the night really rewarding musically and just to be involved with. I’d love to be involved in similar future events. Fish Police were great and it was a pleasure to be involved with. We got so much positive feedback from the audience. Hard to evaluate all the pros but I had a blast and wanted thank everyone involved.”

–       Neil Johnson (promoter in Nottingham)


“For me, what Constant Flux are doing is more than just offering opportunities for learning disabled artists and audience members to be integrated with the ‘mainstream’ music scene, they are creating a platform where exciting music and artists, and enthusiastic audiences can discover one another. By being celebrated for their art, learning disabled people will become more visible in popular culture.

Having worked with Constant Flux on various projects, I was in no doubt to what the Fish Police show in Brighton would be like – professional, accessible, high quality, inspiring and exciting.  It was wonderful that Shut Up and Listen and Beat Express were able to be involved.”

–       Gareth Evans (Creative Producer, Shut Up and Listen)


“The Fish Police at the Green Door Store was the perfect night for a gig buddies social – The Fish Police play amazing, catchy, easy-to-dance-to music that got everyone busting out some brilliant dance moves. A general vibe that didn’t just half-heartedly have a go at inclusion, but smashed some barriers.”

–       Madeline Denny (Gig Buddies Project Manager)


“There was a lot of different bands playing. They all did about 3 or4 songs each. It was loud. After every band there was a little break whilst the other band set up on stage. My favourite band was the phish police. They were amazing and had some humour with their songs. It was great.”

–       Ellen (gig buddies participant, who came with her volunteer Jessica)


“I asked George about the Fish Police gig, and although his comments do not really do justice to his great enthusiasm for all things connected with gig buddies, this is what he said – It was good fun going to Fish Police and I cant wait to hear them again. I like going with my gig buddy because she is so nice. Everyone was having a good time at the gig listening and dancing, and there was a bar too!”

 –       George Jarman (gig buddy participant)


“I thought it was amazing, I loved it so much! I think I enjoyed it, but I find it funny it’s called the fish police, I’d never heard of them.”

–       Sarah G (gig buddies participant)