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PKN & Zombie Crash Tour Evaluation


We submitted our evaluation of the PKN & Zombie Crash Tour to the Arts Council before the end of 2013 and we recently found out it was approved. It was put together conjunction with Olgeta Projects, who were invaluable in shaping all the thoughts, ideas, facts and feedback into something that made the project more than just a DIY tour. The hope is that this is the starting point for more and more integrated gigs, tours and events start happening around the country, read the evaluation, see what you think, then set something up in your town!

We are supremely grateful to Bryony at Olgeta ProjectsOwen Richards for his photos, and everyone that sent us such amazing feedback. Click on the link below to read the evaluation and feel free to share.

PKN ZC Tour Evaluation

Some of the feedback we received is below…

“In short, this was one of the most enlightening and rewarding events it’s been my privilege to be involved in. As a small time promoter, rooted in the D.I.Y ethic and only really in it for the crack, I have to deal with my fair share of egos. Not usually from the performers, they just wanna play their music, but from the self-important careerists (bookers, agents, managers..) who make their living from the music industry. A business like any other. The PKN /Zombie Crash event was so refreshingly devoid of any ‘business’ element, with everyone involved for entirely the right reasons and this was markedly visible to everyone, the atmosphere and all-pervading feeling of good-will was something you just don’t get at a regular show. I guess it would’ve been a lot harder to achieve this if funding hadn’t been forthcoming. A tour of this magnitude (with numerous Carers, etc on board) would’ve just not been possible without the financial backing provided by the Arts Council.
So thanks Arts Council. You did a very good thing in supporting this tour.”

–       Colin Wakefield (Brighton promoter)


“I would say that this tour/ gig that we played at was excellent for many important and valid reasons: firstly I would say because of its emphasis on inclusivity and providing a positive and supporting environment for all those with a love of music to take part/ perform/  or watch without barriers of ability or personal circumstances getting in the way and to not be judged or treated differently. This experience I thought was very important and can actually be viewed as ground breaking- not only for the performers (who would never normally be included to play in such a ‘normal’ gig setting) but also (and probably in some respects most crucially) for the audience- as for most who might have came to the show/ shows it may have been the first experience of watching bands with members who have varying degrees of learning or communication difficulties. This would certainly go some way in breaking down the barriers of who or what is considered normal or acceptable and the context of seeing different people in different environments and being judged not for who they are but for their merits as a performer just as any other performer.

I would sincerely doubt if there has been a better way to spend such a relatively small amount of money on providing such a multilevel positive and ground breaking experience. I hope that this can be the first of many such events, judging by the success of the night and the response of the sold out venue in which I was involved I would dread to think of this being a unique one-off.”

–       Stuart Cartland (The Soft Walls)


“The PKN tour coming to GDS was a true highlight in my two years working here. The bands were all extremely professional, polite, and gave one hell of a show. The atmosphere was electric, everyone was so supportive and genuinely enjoying the music. The merchandise was selling like hot cakes, the bands were chatting to their fans, and spirits were high all evening. I am very happy and proud to have played a small part in this event.”

–       Sophie Roberts (The Green Door Store)


“Last night was brilliant, please tell all the bands and people involved it was a pleasure to have them and that their bands are as good if not better than a lot of bands I have seen at The Macbeth over the past 7 years!”

–       Melanie Robinson (The Macbeth)


“It was refreshing to see a tour that did so much for people with learning disabilities, without it being the focus of the night. The onus was definitely on the quality of the music and the incredible atmosphere, both of which were reflected by the size and the outlook of the audience. The tour and the surrounding press will have made a real impact in changing attitudes towards people with learning disabilities participating in mainstream arts and culture.”

–       Graham Griffiths (Attitude Is Everything)


“The feedback that I’ve heard is that everyone thought it was an amazing night, great quality in terms of how it was put on – just the right feel to it, an amazing audience, awesome atmosphere and of course the music was utter quality. You could just tell that everyone there enjoyed it because it was total quality, not because it was some sort of a ‘groovy’ experiment in social inclusion. There was nothing ‘groovy’ about it at all – it just fucking rocked!!”

–       Paul Richards (Director – Stay Up Late)


“It was a fantastic event, very significant for all involved in the learning disability sector not just for individuals with LD themselves. Services and other professional agencies need to be more creative and service user led in order to enable people with LD to take risks and try new things. This event really inspired Stephen, one of the members of my LD day group, who was so excited to be involved in this project participating with the film making after showing him a trailer of the PKN film. He talks now of bigger things, after this realisation that he doesn’t have to settle for the usual routines administered by authorities. It was an event I was proud to be a part of and look forward to further involvement in the promotion of the LD community.”

–       Kerry Hindmarch, (Manager, Belong Day Service, Sheffield)


“As a Support Assistant in Secondary Education working specifically with special needs students I was excited and curious about what tonight would bring. I’m not gonna make any statements or say any generic bullshit here, but music and the arts is often taken away (or at least given limited access) from students I work with and I’m sure across the board too. This is because the authority fail to see these subjects as a core part of their education. Music and the arts use far more multi-sensory and kinesthetic learning than any other subject taught in school. Despite most SEN students thriving on these way of learning. Tonight gave a massive middle finger to the authority for not allowing gifted and talented SEN students to show their full potential in all practical subjects. I hope more amazing events like this continue to promote and support performers with disabilities. All the bands kicked ass!”

–       Dave Sherwood (Audience member at The Macbeth)


“I thought the gig was amazing and mind blowing it was just so refreshing to see a disabled band like Zombie Crash showing that they don’t let there disabilities get in there way of doing what they want to achieve I really want to do what there doing being on radio shows and touring England showing there music to everyone and making fans.”

–       Dan Milligan (Audience member in Leeds & member of  “Ultimate Thunder”)