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guardianpiece (02.04.14)In today’s Guardian there is a piece written by Patrick Strudwick about Constant Flux, The Rock House, The PKN & Zombie Crash tour & the upcoming Fish Police tour… It’s kind of incredible to get so much going out in mainstream media about all of this, massive thanks to Patrick & The Guardian for covering it! You can read the article online here.

Here’s a great quote from the piece from Ryan of Zombie Crash…

“We are finally blending with learning disabled and non-learning disabled bands alike in environments that befit us,” says Ryan O’Donovan, the band’s lead guitarist. “The tour was our greatest moment to date.”

Which is also a reminder to tell you that The Fish Police tour page is now completely up-to-date, don’t forget it’s starting this Friday!

CF L&Q ArticleThere’s been a couple more pieces come out about The Fish Police tour & Constant Flux… Left Lion magazine in Nottingham interviewed the band and myself about the tour, which you can read here. The Crack Magazine have done a feature on it, which you can read here and Loud and Quiet magazine have put a feature and mini-interview with myself in their latest issue, which is free from any good record shop/venue in the UK. There is a picture below which might be good enough to read it from… (or might not!)

Only 3 days to go before it all kicks off…

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Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 09.28.27Hey, some good people have been taking an interest in The Fish Police tour and helping us spread the word! Harriet over at The Guardian got me to write a blog explaining why The Fish Police are one of the UK’s best kept secrets… you can read that over on The Guardian Music.

Also, Katy Wheeler at the Sunderland Echo wrote a piece on the upcoming show there on the 7th April at Pop Recs Ltd. Which should be a blinder of a gig. You can read that article on the Sunderland Echo website, or see the clipping below.

Thanks to Harriet & Katy!

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March 4th, 2014

Interview in Huck Magazine

pkn_010The wonderful Shelley Jones from Huck Magazine interviewed me about Constant Flux recently for their “Why I do what I do” features section.

“Constant Flux promotes great punk music and helps break a million stereotypes along the way.
Its founder Rich Phoenix – formerly of cult punk bands Captain Everything! and The Steal and current drummer of Sauna Youth – was inspired by the plethora of music he was hearing in his day job working within disability arts and music and frustrated by the lack of support these artists received.
With a mission statement to help start a movement in learning disability music away from learning disabled events for learning disabled audiences, towards integrated shows for everyone in accessible venues, Rich is revitalising the DIY scene and helping to demarginalise an often overlooked community at the same time.”

Read the interview. Thanks to Shelley & Huck Magazine!

November 19th, 2013

Shut Up and Listen Radio


We first heard Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat on the Shut up and Listen radio show, with Ryan from Zombie Crash introducing their song “Päättäjä on pettäjä“.

We’re very honoured because they have put together entire show dedicated to the PKN & Zombie Crash tour! You can hear the whole story of how it happened, interviews with everyone on the tour and live songs from the bands! It’s great to have the support of the only radio show in UK where you’ll hear all the best music from artists with learning disabilities.

Click here, or ‘read more’ to hear the show..

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November 12th, 2013

Soda Beat – A vital service!


Andrew Jameson from the Croydon Advertiser came down to Soda Beat to talk to myself and Olly Tipper from Club Soda about the night and wrote a piece about it for the newspaper. Here’s Richard and Adrian from The Carbonators with the paper! You can see the whole article below…

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The tour got featured in this month’s MOJO magazine, coming highly endorsed by them!

Also Saba Salman has written an article and interview with Richard Phoenix about the tour on her Guardian select blog, “The Social Issue“. You can read an extract below or just head straight to the site to read the whole thing here.

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