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cf_074We submitted the evaluation for The Fish Police UK Tour to the Arts Council over the weekend and are very excited to now share it with everyone.

Again working in conjunction with the brilliant Olgeta Projects, this time around we were able to work together throughout the project to create the final evaluation. We could talk through expectations and predictions of what we thought would happen during the nascent stages of the project and then compare these with how it all turned out in the end, which has turned out to be a very enlightening experience! I will say again, Olgeta Projects have managed to help elevate the underlying ideas and concepts behind taking a band out on a DIY tour to something far beyond what I even imagined. The idea is that by sharing this information it might give people more tools themselves to make things like this happen. Read the evaluation and help make something happen, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

With massive thanks to Bryony and Olgeta Projects, Mat Dale and Owen Richards for their photos, everyone that sent in their feedback, quotes and experiences, Heart N Soul for their trust and support and of course The Fish Police for being amazing.

The Fish Police Tour Evaluation

Some of the feedback we received is below…

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We submitted our evaluation of the PKN & Zombie Crash Tour to the Arts Council before the end of 2013 and we recently found out it was approved. It was put together conjunction with Olgeta Projects, who were invaluable in shaping all the thoughts, ideas, facts and feedback into something that made the project more than just a DIY tour. The hope is that this is the starting point for more and more integrated gigs, tours and events start happening around the country, read the evaluation, see what you think, then set something up in your town!

We are supremely grateful to Bryony at Olgeta ProjectsOwen Richards for his photos, and everyone that sent us such amazing feedback. Click on the link below to read the evaluation and feel free to share.

PKN ZC Tour Evaluation

Some of the feedback we received is below…

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