Constant Flux is a registered Community Interest Company. Company No. 8562871.

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Removing barriers for learning disabled musicians.

Constant Flux was started as a Community Interest Company in 2013, as a way to combine two seemingly separate areas of music: the learning disabled music scene and the UK’s large DIY music community. Taking inspiration from DIY and punk to encourage more learning disabled musicians to play, make music and tour.

Up to this point we have organised and delivered, with funding from the Arts Council, three groundbreaking and successful UK tours for bands from the learning disabled music scene; one for Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (Finland) and Zombie Crash (Brighton), The Fish Police (London) and Daniel Wakeford (Brighton).

We have also organised over 80 integrated gigs, including the regular nights, The Rock House in Brighton and Soda Beat in Croydon. Constant Flux has been instrumental in developing the idea of integrated and accessible shows in the UK.

We have also released 4 albums by learning disabled artists or bands, including Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, Daniel Wakeford, The Carbonators and Richard Rock n Roll. 

In all our work we collaborate closely with the organisations that support the artists, with promoters, venues, musicians from the DIY community and wider networks to create an environment where as many barriers are lifted as possible. Since we started there has been huge positive feedback and high demand from audiences, promoters and musicians alike for more and more to happen, where musicians and audiences with and without learning disabilities can be a part of gigs on an equal level.

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